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Deadline To Apply:  September 10th, 2022

2022 Mamavist Movement Fellowship Application

The MamaVist Movement Fellowship is a 3-month virtual leadership development program designed to identify, engage, and activate a new generation of grassroots organizers and leaders to run and win issue and electoral campaigns. This program will recruit diverse leaders from across the region to organize around the Mama’s Agenda. 

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About The Mamavist Movement


Mamavists are Womxn of color, allies, grassroots organizers, movement and non-profit leaders, and activists who want to invest in their personal and professional development. 

Some Mamavists want small improvements in their own communities, like public internet access for homework. While other Mamavists are planning to run for their school board. The Mamavist experience lays the foundation for whatever level of activism the Mamavist is interested in. Mamavists learn how to build their confidence and find their voice by engaging their personal network and then expanding that network to include community members, lawmakers, and politicians.


We are looking for devoted, engaged community members who are interested in helping to develop and recruit mom leaders in the United States of America. This fellowship is perfect for people with little to no organizing experience who want to learn more about organizing and state-wide advocacy work.

Deadline To Apply:  September 10th, 2022


We are recruiting community members to engage their networks around voter engagement. 

Mamavist Fellows will:

  • Commit to the training schedule.

    • Class Schedule: 9 weekly sessions on Tuesday Nights.

    • Beginning: September 20, 2022 

    • Ending: November 29, 2022 

    • Time: 7 pm ~ 9 pm EST

  • Participate in all class training.

  • Interest in participation in voting

  • Interest in the voting process

  • Comfortable talking to people on the phone

  • Comfortable encouraging others to participate in voting

  • Engage 75-100 people from your personal network.

  • Volunteer and participate in their community between training. 

  • Use their own equipment to complete the work, i.e. cell phone, computer, 

*Mothering Justice understands the limitations of the digital divide. However, in order for us to be inclusive nationally, we are unable to provide equipment.   


Mamavist will commit to the work, which will include, but is not limited to, engaging your network around voter engagement, surveying, and sending them a handwritten postcard. Mamavist are also responsible for completing program evaluations and attending all scheduled classes.


Class Schedule:

We will hold nine sessions over an eleven week period.

Beginning: September 20, 2022 

Ending: November 29, 2022 

Time: 7 pm ~ 9 pm EST



As a Mamavist Fellow you will learn how relational organizing, storytelling and media is used to inform and engage others. Develop a broader understanding of why Women of Color are pivotal to ensuring democracy, understanding agency, protecting the vote, and power of strategy for voter engagement. We will lean into strengthening core leadership skills among mothers to engage more fully in organizing, advocacy and campaigns. Here are the class topic designed for the fellowship and the corresponding action you will be asked to complete.

Building Your Leadership Ladder
Vision Board
Accountability: What comes after an election How to schedule a meeting
Contacting newly elected officials and ask them for a meeting.
Topic Election Violence
Research who protects my vote, share on social media
Story of Self: What is my lived experience
Do a video in a Mothering Justice T-Shirt, send video and 4 pictures to mothering Justice by end of the week October 21.
Story of Why: How do we use our personal story to motivate others to participate in democracy
Postcard writing: Sending persons postcards to your network
Organizing: 90%follow up How to make a personal phone call with a voter engagement message Why voter IDs are important
Craft personal messages for text Text entire network survey
What is relational organizing? Why are Women of Color pivotal to ensuring Democracy? What is at stake?
Build a list of 75 to 100 people that need an extra push to vote.
Agency among Women of Color What is your motivation?
Finish list creation , Text list , Agency Survey

1. Audit The Course (The Mamavist Experience Without Commitment)  


2. Receive a Stipend. 

(For Mamavists Committed to mobilizing mamas to GOTV) 

Mamavist Fellows will receive a stipend in segmented parts as they complete milestones while maintaining their attendance to classes. The total amount of the stipend will not exceed $1,500.00.