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Felicia Cash

Felicia Cash

(She Series)

Basic Needs Organizer

Felicia Cash is a lifelong Eastside Detroit Native. She is experienced in urban community revitalization, parent advocacy, program support including implementation and facilitating. Felicia’s entire career and volunteer involvement is built upon her passion to create champions for mothers and families.
Felicia has spent the past 20 years increasing parent engagement, improving human services delivery and processes, community organizing and developing a voice and momentum that ignites change and growth.
As a mother of two sons, she personally understands the importance of providing mammas resources and designing a safe and constructive landscape for their voices to be uplifted regarding basic needs, education standards and policies, available and quality childcare as well paid leave.
Felicia takes pride in her life commitment to always fight for mammas to have a seat at the table, a voice heard in the room and their name in the narrative.

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