About Mothering Justice


Our Theory of Change

We must center the experiences & voices of mothers of color in order to address the health and economic disparities they face in America. Amplifying the stories of women of color's experience in America is the catalyst for passing polices that value the needs of mothers of color in America. The experiences of Mothers of color must be at the center of policy, organizing, and communication.

Who We Are

Mothering Justice is a grassroots policy advocacy organization that provides mothers of color in America with the resources and tools to use their power to make equitable changes in policy. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for families in America by empowering mothers of color to take action on American policy on behalf of themselves and their families. 


Our Mission

To empower mothers of color to influence policy on behalf of themselves and their families

Our Vision

 Mamas of color will be a dominant voice in policy-making and politics in the USA by changing the conversation around what really matters in the U.S.A. Mamas of color will lead an independent political system that gives decision-making power to families of color.

How to Support Mothering Justice