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Hot Mama Summer

Summer is upon us and Mamas deserve to vacay. Whether you are deciding on a girls trip, staycation, or a solocation you should get some self-care this summer. We sat down with Aisha our National Paid Leave organizer who took a solocation earlier this year for some tips and tricks to having a successful vacation.

Where did you travel to?

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico Last March

Did you need a passport?

  • No passport is required.

What made you decide to go on a solocation

  • Well, it was my 1st time going on a solocation. I was supposed to go with a cousin and a friend. Everyone ended up backing out at the last minute. At first, I wasn’t going to go, but everyone around me was like you should still go.

What was your financial plan?

  • I never plan my trips too far out because of my son. I always pay for the insurance which is between $20-$78 and will allow you to cancel, if necessary. I use Expedia for my hotels(you can reserve now, pay later). Rooms are usually $600-$700 for 3 nights. I use Pay in 4 via Paypal. You can also get Pay in 4 with United Airlines through Affirm. My flight was around $300 with Pay in 4 which was about $75 every two weeks until it was paid off. I spent around $1200 in total. The earlier you book the cheaper the trip is going to be.

Is there anything you do differently?

  • I would definitely stay for longer. 5 days is the sweet spot. I would look for things to do before I get there. If I hadn’t met someone else traveling solo while there I probably wouldn’t have done as much.

Would you do another solocation?

  • I would totally do it again.

These are our top 5 picks for helping you with you next trip. Enjoy your next vacay with these helpful websites and apps.

  1. Expedia is great for those who are on a budget and like to plan out their entire trip from one place. You can select from a group of hotels and select Reserve now, Pay later option which allows you to pay directly at the hotel on the day of the trip. We recommend saving each week until the trip so you don’t have to do one large save before the trip. Expedia also allows you to book your flight and rental car which makes it a great one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

  2. Travelzoo is for the traveler that doesn’t want to do any planning. They have curated trips with airline, hotel, and activities already selected. All you need is to select your travel city and book.

  3. This is your one-stop shop for all things hotels. Similar to Expedia, they have a reserve now, pay later, and a deposit feature on most hotels. They also tend to have a more extensive hotel selection.

  4. Hotwire is an amazing site for someone looking for a quick trip last minute. You can book your entire trip from the website. They are also pretty cool because they do mystery deals on hotels allowing you to get hotels up to 50% off the catch is you don’t know the hotel until you book.

  5. Hopper APP- Hopper is an app you have to download to your phone. It’s great for helping you pick the perfect time to take your trip. It also allows you to freeze the price of flights if you don’t have the money immediately for a small fee.

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