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Toyja Bridges

Toyja Bridges

(She Series)

Community Organizer

Toyja Bridges has served her community as Director, Central Detroit Area, Program Manager, and Activist. Toyja has a BS - Business Management.
Toyja's championship for her community began with Michigan Metro Girl Scout Council, overseeing programming for 10,000 girls and 2000 volunteers in the city of Detroit. Toyja, through her role with another agency, helped to build relationships that included providing recreation for students in schools that lacked gymnasiums or gym teachers.

Toyja, as a Juvenile Detention Specialist/Supervisor, championed adjudicated youth awaiting sentencing/placements who were housed at WCJDF. There she developed and implemented programs that allowed youth to complete community service, redirect anger, and build relationships with others. Over resident created 300 crochet blankets donated to the Children's Hospital of Michigan through one program.

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