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Aqeela Muntaqim

Aqeela Muntaqim

(She Series)

Deputy Director of Adminstration

Aqeela Muntaqim is the Michigan Deputy Director of Mothering Justice. As a mother of 4, Aqeela understands the hardships many parents face with poverty, lack of child care, and lack of adequate paid leave. Prior to this position, Aqeela worked in corporate America as a business consultant and communications strategist for Human Resources. To better serve her family, she decided to branch out and become an entrepreneur further fulfilling her passion to leave people and places more beautiful than she encountered them. Aqeela is the founder of Nurturing Connections where she provides support, education and resources to parents as a certified lactation specialist. Aqeela is currently pursuing her higher education, and believes that all black families and birthing people deserve high quality care from birth workers who look like them. Aqeela is excited to join the Mothering Justice team and help uplift more black mamas to speak their truth, shine their light and take up space to make their voices heard!

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